‘There is no love so lasting, so strong, so unselfish, so devoted as that first and purest of all loves, a mother’s love.’

To pay gratitude to that most important and lovable person of our life, MRIS-Sector 14 presented the assembly on ‘Mother’s Day’ with great vigor and happiness. It was a grand celebration and was hosted by grade VI B. The assembly gave an opportunity to everyone to reflect over all the sacrifices made by a mother, her importance in our lives and to thank her for all her care and affection towards us. It was wonderfully depicted through a musical drama comprising of music, dance, drama, role play and poem recital. The celebration almost brought tears in everyone’s eyes and everyone was touched by the scenes depicted in the drama. Thus, the day proved to be a true tribute to God’s substitute on Earth- the mother. The Head Junior school, Ms. Shalini Bindra presided over the assembly and highly applauded the performances of the children and the efforts of the teachers. The day ended with the prize distribution ceremony and the prize winners too were congratulated for their achievements in various fields.

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