It was the time for the students, teachers and yes, most importantly the parents of Grade IV of MRIS-14,to reunite again and celebrate the success of their children in the paragon trail. It was on the completion of Unit 2 that parents were invited to see their child’s performance and their wonderful pieces of art which were displayed all around the classroom thus, making it look ready for the celebration.

The unit which revolved around one essential question i.e. “Can a civilization die out and still live on?” carried with itself various interesting facts and untold stories relating to the present world, giving students a wide spectrum to learn and indulge themselves in various co curricular activities. They created scrolls showing principles of Pericles, bird masks and an award showing Greeks art of appreciation.

Students of Grade 4 presented their learning about Ancient Greece and their culture. They also brought various essential facts and events into the light. Thus leaving their parents in awe, they were amazed to see their child’s learning and whereabouts of various traditions and practices carried out in India today which is influenced from the people in Ancient Greece. The parents were pleasantly surprised at the knowledge gained by the students in a small period of time. The assembly was culminated with a melodious song and the parents left with great satisfaction seeing their child’s holistic growth and development.