Let the walk now be a little more adventurous!

The outdoor adventure brings a variety of new challenges for the students. They love to be adjusted to new routines and learn to be emotionally independent. With this thought MRIS Sector 14, Faridabad is organizing Adventure camps for its students, wherein, the combination of fun and courageous activities like tyre crossing, Burma bridge, commando bridge, stepping stone, ladder climbing,obstacle course, team building will encourage them to face their weaknesses and fight back.

To start with, the Adventure camp was held for kindergarteners. The children undertook all the thrilling activities under the active support of the expert instructors and teachers who made them comfortable and ensured that kids would learn how to be part of a team and how to lead…all in the great outdoors. Each child enjoyed a new found independence away from home and beyond books. Above all they were educated to keep the ecology clean and not to destroy the flora and fauna by throwing the trash in the camp bins. Apart from the adventure they relished their extensive meal with their peer campers in outdoors. Their excitement broke by entering into the fascinating world of puppets, where they enjoyed listening to the moral stories. The first day of the camp ended successfully and the kindergarteners went back home with the unforgettable memories and pleasant smiles on their faces. They were keen to share and articulate their thoughts and experiences with their parents. Undoubtedly this outdoor learning left a beautiful message for all of us – “If you want an adventure, take a step outside and experience the learning”.

After seeing the kindergarteners having fun in the school outdoors, the other classes are anxiously waiting for their turn.