Children always get fascinated by books. Its cover page, illustrations, various types of fonts always attracts them. They get curious to know as to how a book is made. Who all are involved in the making of a book? In order to satisfy all their queries, MRIS- Sector 14 is not only holding a Book Fair but it also organized a workshop for the students of Grade IV on ‘Journey of Book’. The spokes person, Ms. Ankita Ralhan from Scholastic herself conducted an interactive workshop.

She explained all the processes involved in the making of a book. Students came to know about the role of author, editor, illustrator, proof readers, cover designers etc. She also divided the students in various groups and gave them role plays. The students worked as a team and designed book covers.  It was totally a new experience for them. Such activities not only inculcate the habit of reading but also give them an opportunity to realize their field of interest. One never knows who amongst them might become an author or an illustrator or may be the proof reader?

“It is truly said that the world opened to me when I learned to read.”