“Winning isn’t everything but wanting to win is.”

The Sports Academy of MRIS Sector 14 echoed with the cheerful voices of the participants of the“Inter house T.T. and Badminton Meet”. The T.T. players of classes III, IV and V competed for the winner’s trophy, whereas the players of Classes VI- VIII competed for the positions in Badminton.  The players have been regularly practicing for the event. They gave tough competition to their competitors. But, some win and some loose to prepare and win again next time.

Inter House Table Tennis Tournament

Grade III –V 

Girls:                                    Boys  

1st – Green Leopards         1st – Yellow Tigers

2nd – Red Jaguars             2nd – Red Jaguars

3rd – Blue Panthers           3rd – Blue Panthers

4th – Yellow Tigers            4th – Green Leopards

Inter House Badminton Tournament

                                                              Grade VI-VIII                                                        

Girls:                                         Boys:

1st – Red Jaguars                    1st – Red Jaguars

2nd – Yellow Tigers                 2nd – Yellow Tigers


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