Hindi Week

In the thirst for exploring new horizons of knowledge and learning new languages, one should not forget their mother tongue!

In order to rekindle the love for India’s national language among students, MRIS Sector14, Faridabad celebrated ‘Hindi
week’ from 11-15 September focusing on enhancement of linguistic skills through various fun-filled activities.

Special assemblies were presented to highlight the importance of the correct usage of the language. Hindi
poem recitation competition, handwriting competition, Grammar-based activities, role plays street plays, story completion with illustrations were organized to create interest and love for the Hindi language. Not only this, the Hindi teachers presented a beautiful play with the purpose of teaching the students the correct usage of punctuation.

They also taught voice modulation by reciting poems of different genres. The week-long activities not only kept the interest of the students high but also made them learn many things.

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