MRIS –14 conducted their ‘Inter Class GK Quiz Competition’ of Grade IV. There were teams from all the sections. All the participants were outstanding and the winners were IV G.  All the students participated very enthusiastically and with a lot of zeal. It gave the students an opportunity to share their knowledge and talent.

There were 4 rounds at the competition. The ‘Question Answer Round’ wherein general knowledge questions were asked to the participants. All the teams were performed extremely well. Then came the ‘Visual Round’ which as enjoyed the most by all. Pictures of great personalities were shown to the teams and they had to identify them. After this was the ‘Current Affairs’ round. Last but not the least, was the ‘Rapid Fire’ round. Each team had to answer maximum number of questions to target for highest scores. The excitement building up in each team and the audience was commendable.

Along with the participants, the audience, were equally enthusiastic and excited. There was a lot of encouragement from them to the participants. There was an audience round as well and all the students showed their eagerness to participate with a lot of enthusiasm making them feel very happy. They enjoyed the event and it was a great success.