From the ancient times, it was a custom in villages to elect a group of five elders or panch, meaning five. This group was called Panchayat. Under a tree, they settled disputes and looked after other problems which arose in the village.

Grade VI students of MRIS Sector 14  participated in an activity centered on The Panchayati  Raj in villages. The students were divided into two groups. First was of Panchas (the five heads) looking after the social, economic and cultural needs of the village. Second group was of the villagers sharing their problems and hoping righteousness and justice from the Panchas.

The students acted as affected villagers and placed their problems in front of the five heads. The issues related to the sanitation, hunger, poverty, water crisis, science and technology, territorial property and education were discussed. The wise decisions delivered by the Panchas satisfied all. “For the development we need sustainable science and technology” they added. The Panchas presented strong views about the life techniques to fight with the recession, low agricultural productivity and how to achieve development in the leading areas.

Finally all the students were encouraged by the meaningful tag lines “Padhega India tabhi to Badhega India“and focused on worthy  NREGA Policy  and Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan. Students were encouraged to watch documentaries on social issues (Mother India).


At the end of the Panchayat Session, all the students were encouraged by the Principal Ms. Mamta Wadhwa, Vice-Principal, Mr. Anil Taneja, Headmistress Ms. Minakshi Sharma and The Proctor of our School Mr. B.K. Verma.  Our Principal Ma’am congratulated the students and the organizing committee for exemplary arrangements and witnessed a high quality discussion.