“Ghosts and witches and creatures of fright,

Don’t miss the call of Halloween sight.

Scary creatures and ghouls

Frolic in the pale moonlight.

Come on, come all in black or white”


The little tots of MRIS-14 came dressed in black or white attire wearing scary masks, their faces painted with vampire teeth and fake blood, smoky eyes, wearing witches hat to celebrate the Halloween Day. Some wore a skeleton costume and some black flary gowns etc. A ghost room was created for all to visit for frightful fun. Spiders hanging from the ceiling already spinning their webs, bats flying all around and some stuck to the walls. The entire place gave a look of a scary and mysterious night. There was also a haunted house and a black cat with fiery eyes standing at the doorstep and two eyes popping out from the window, with caspers, the friendly ghost, around the place. Oh ghosh! What a scary sight was that… So much so, that one could actually count the heart beat.

Children were all the  more excited to see, the pumpkins carved into jack o’ lanterns. This was a complete different world for our little ones to discover. They enjoyed the festival with tricks and treats and delicious food like potato pancakes, to treat the ghosts. Halloween Day was a big hit and our children thoroughly enjoyed the thrilling experience.