The students of Grade VI, MRIS Sector 14 presented a special assembly on theme “Taking initiative”. The assembly started with invoking the almighty’s blessings followed by news and thought for the day, after which they welcomed the assembled students & teachers with great zeal and enthusiasm. The students presented a play on the topic “mera shehar saaf ho isme mera bhi hath ho”. The play showed as how we should take initiative in keeping our society, city and thereby our country clean. The play also narrated some of the good initiatives that can also be taken in real life. And then, there was a song in the air ‘Iraada kar liya humnein’ coming out of children mouth as the showering of flowers happens from heaven. The words of the song clearly described the confidence and determination of the children. There was also a special annotation to Ms. Malala Yousaf Mortaza, the Nobel prize winner, for her initiatives & contributions towards women empowerment. She has certainly set one of the best examples for the youngsters to understand the power of initiative.

Krish Gupta of Grade VI was appreciated for his commendable performance in FIITJEE Talent Reward Examination. He has won Gold medal for being the Topper in Science and Siver Medal for over all performance in Haryana.

The program ended with an address by the Head mistress, Dr. Shalini Bindra. She congratulated the students for presenting such a thoughtful assembly. She also motivated them to execute it in real life and make a difference.

The overall presentation of the assembly was a success as it helped to create awareness among the children. Children were really fervent by this special assembly.


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