To have another language is to possess another soul.

MRIS Sector 14 gave a beautiful opportunity to its French enthusiasts by organizing French activities in which the students of grade VII demonstrated various skits, poems, presentations etc. related to French language and culture in their respective classrooms.

The  main guests who felicitated the event were Mrs Deepika Bhalla, (Executive Director MRIS Sector 14), Mrs Mamta Wadhwa, (Principal MRIS Sector 14), Mrs Minakshi (Headmistress), Mrs Monica Kathuria (Junior Headmistress) and Mr. B. K. Verma, (Proctor, MRIS Sector 14).

These activities depicted as to how can we develop French that is a foreign language and the manner in which we can work together as a team.

Nowadays, French language has become very popular. In most of the countries, French is spoken as their base language. It is an advantage to speak French in the international job market. It is also an international language of culture and trade and the third most used language on the internet.

The students  decorated the classes with French flags and the door by hanging ribbons in the colours of the French flag. The chief guests were welcomed  with badges of the French flag and flowers. The students also sang a song in French which was much appreciated by one and all present there.