First day of the school calls for everything “New”. New school, new books, new uniform, new teachers, new friends and along with them come new worries too. But as the early year kids of MRIS-14 entered the corridors their all worries and anxieties vanished. The school was decorated beautifully for these youngest students who were stepping in the school for the first time. They were welcomed by Noddy, Dora and a beautiful Fairy. The teachers were eagerly waiting to meet their new students with a welcoming smile and lots of love. The students did not take long to settle in the new environment. Lots of activities were organized for them in the centres. They quickly got involved in colouring, playing with puzzles, play dough, dramatic area. They interacted with their new teachers and made new friends too. The parents waiting to collect their kids were also relieved when they saw their child coming back happily and sharing all the happenings of the day. It was indeed a day full of excitement and curiosity for all.