Fire-less cooking with kids

Nothing short of Awesome: Fire-less cooking with kids

Kids cooking programs are a fantastic way to get kids interested and even excited about healthy foods. Keeping in mind the ongoing theme ‘Changes’, MRIS Sector-14, Faridabad organized a ‘Biryani Fest’ for Nursery kids where they explored various changes in rice (from uncooked to cooked, from plain rice to salty Pulao and colorful Biryani). Children displayed super enthusiasm as they got the opportunity to learn from simple tasks such as washing rice and mixing the ingredients together under the guidance of their class In-charges. They enjoyed the aroma of various spices and vegetables. The little kids relished the yummy delicacy prepared by them. They also learnt about nutrition and healthy eating habits in a very fun and interactive way.

Another interesting activity ‘A fruit salad day’ was planned for the Nursery kids to demonstrate ‘change in taste’. Children were made aware that fruit can be served whole, sliced, cut into half or cubes and were given the experience of tasting and enjoying salty, sour and sweet fruit salad. This activity helped them to learn about their sensory organs. Also, the value of sharing and caring was encouraged. The kids enjoyed their bowl of fruit salad with their classmates. It was indeed a fruitful day for our little ones.

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