Edu-trips are important because it gives hands on experience to the students. Subsequently, travelling gives them a chance to visit different places and learn new things. MRIS always believes not to confine learning within the four walls of the classroom.  In the ongoing theme ‘Food and Festivals’ as the children are exploring different cultures and multi-cuisine delicacies related to various states and festivals, they are also being introduced to prerequisite table manners during this theme. To further amalgamate their learning with practical implementation,   the school organized a trip to ‘K Hotel’ to give firsthand experience of fine dining to the children. They were taught basic dining manners like not to chew with open mouth, to spread napkins on their laps while eating. The magical words were woven with the activity itself to enhance their essential communication skills like politely saying—‘Please’, for the things to be passed if they can’t reach them, ask for permission to leave by saying ‘Excuse Me’ if they have finished eating and wish to leave the table and say ‘Sorry’ if they accidentally spill something on the table etc.

From placing order for a three course meal to spreading the mats, placing the cutlery and usage of finger bowl; learning was experiential. This activity provided a great platform to polish their table etiquettes and to enhance their vocabulary. Hence the kids learnt that good Dining Manners make sharing meal a pleasant and wonderful experience for everyone.