Mock Earthquake Drill at MRIS Sector 14

A Mock Earthquake Evacuation Drill involving students and staff was conducted at MRIS Sector 14 to create awareness among the student community as to how to respond swiftly in times of such emergency situation. It is a participatory method to practice the safety related measures and evacuation of a building during an emergency situation.

It was a successful earthquake mock drill as everyone performed on cue. And they had no reason to panic as it was a well designed evacuation plan. The school holds two buildings with multiple floors, all the routes of evacuation were discussed beforehand and the staff was informed. The dos’ and don’ts during such a crisis were read out in the morning assembly. As the students heard a long siren they walked briskly and reached their predetermined evacuation area, all in a matter of minutes.

Such drills promote a culture of safety at home and in society.