The students of MRIS Sector 14 celebrated Earth Week with a medley of educational and fun activities. They were informed about the importance of Earth Day by the Green Cops of the school and they were involved in numerous through myriad conservation- related activities which were planned for the week.

Students saw presentations about saving the  Earth and held group discussion. They also did role plays on elements of nature. To learn more about plants and their species, they were taken to the Nurseries, where they interacted with the gardener and saw a wide variety of indoor and outdoor plants. They were really excited to see the vegetables growing on plants.

The students made car bins and paper bags, book marks. They were told to write an appropriate slogan on it. They also made posters not only on paper but also on computer, showing how we can save our Mother Earth.

Special assemblies were presented by classes Nursery, II and V, where students emphasized on the various methods of keeping the environment clean. They presented beautiful songs, dances, Drama and talk shows.

The Green Cops of each class took the initiative to make the school a “No Litter Zone”, inspecting each class for cleanliness and updating them on the importance of power saving.

The week long programme helped students assimilate simply yet clearly that our natural resources are limited and we desperately need to use them judiciously.