Yeah! Summer time is here so can fun be far behind?

To add zing to this season MRIS Sector-14 organized a summer camp for the early years where the little ones got ample opportunities to unwind and learn while having fun. Children have always learnt and created places for themselves through play. Activities like Rain dance party rejuvenated the children and provided them relief from the scorching heat. The little campers danced under water sprinklers, waving their colourful umbrellas, challenging the hot sun.

Children relished yummy popcorn and refreshing drink and tapped their feet on their favourite dance numbers in Tent house party. They also showed their creativity by making beautiful puppets and were mesmerized to see their puppets enacting in the puppet showpresented by the teachers. The little champs were also given the opportunity to become a puppeteer and enact a small tale.As children learn best in nature, a visit to a nursery was organized where children acted like farmers and hand picked various vegetables. They were amazed to see the vegetables grow on plants and had many interesting queries.

The week long summer camp culminated with the little children testing their culinary skills in ‘Cooking without fire’ activity where they wore the Chef caps and made delicacies for their mothers.

The little ones also performed a small music and dance presentation that won the hearts of all the mothers present there. The mothers were delighted to see their little ones not only enjoying at the summer camp but also learning many things simultaneously.


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