Diwali connotes the victory of truth over falsity, the triumph of illumination over darkness. When the diyas are alighted, their glow illuminates even the darkest of nights which signifies the enlightenment of soul. To overcome the darkness of ignorance and propagating the light of knowledge, a potter was hired by MRIS-Sector-14, Faridabad, wherein our little dolls ‘n’ dudes of Grade I created beautiful diyas with the clay on the wheel. They were extremely excited and the happiness was unveiling on their cute faces. Grade II kids made Swastik with the ice cream sticks and their creativity was commendable.

The students of Grade III made beautiful ‘Toran’ with the help of handmade sheets to be hung at their doors to welcome Goddess Laxmi. Grade IV students decided to decorate the walls with beautiful hangings lifting up the mood of the festival. Grade V students made lanterns to illuminate and spread the light of brotherhood and love among the community. Temple Making Activity was done by Grade VI students. They prepared temples out of hand-made sheets of various colours. They adorned the temples with Ganesha idol at the centre and other decorative items, spreading the message of positivity amongst all.

All the classrooms were full of a great array of these Diwali craft items prepared by the students. The purpose of these activities was not only to teach them how to make craft items but also to sow the thought of encouraging Indian art and craft and inculcating the Indian traditions in our students.