Geared by the persuasive debates and deliberations on the first day, the students raised the level of discourse to dizzying heights on Day 2 of MR-MUN 2017. Amidst the rancor of the controversial discussions in the nine committees, statistical data flew thick and fast as each of the student-delegates put forward an impassioned plea to support their argument.

Gleaning a plethora of interesting perspectives from the young minds, the committees effervescently launched themselves into stimulating debates. While the delegates of UNGA scrutinized the role of Islamic states in perpetrating and averting the threat of Non State Terrorist groups, the issues of gender equality and education of women and girls in Islamic states were enthusiastically raised in UNHRC. Dissolving in political vitriol, cries of combating the menace of Xenophobia and discrimination echoed through UNICEF. From dissecting the failure and success of the peacekeeping operations in Syria to feverish debates on the malaise of peddling fraudulent medicines to third world countries, the second day of MR-MUN 2017 garnered an overwhelming participation over 450 student-delegates, where the discursive dialogues definitely packed a punch.

Not losing its sheen, the discussions on the second day empowered the children to fathom the diplomatic stratagems, acquire a better insight into foreign policies and international relations and work towards gauging a better perspective of the world order.