Our visionary Late Shri O.P.Bhalla Ji always wished to serve to the community at large. He not only wanted to give the best opportunities in the field of education to the privileged ones but also to the underprivileged people of the society. Therefore, to fulfill his wish MRIS adopted a Govt. Girls Higher Secondary School in Mohna Village of Faridabad. We at MRIS-14, also got an opportunity to contribute towards this noble cause.

A team of teachers and students along with the school Doctor reached the school in full spirit and open mind. The school Dr. talked to them about personal hygiene and adolescence problems. The students from MRIS-14 taught them to make decorative thali for festivals. They also taught them to make various dishes like Golgappa, sprout chaat and a tasty drink. They also interacted in a very friendly manner, exchanging their thoughts and ideas.

A session on basic manners was also conducted. They also learnt about India and the world around. The science lab was filled with excitement when they prepared an onion peel slide themselves and watched it under the microscope. They also saw various other slides like- of yeast, amoeba, Paramecium and Hydra etc.

The whole school, from class I to class X enjoyed and learnt various patriotic songs. They were also given the knowledge of ’swar’ and ‘alankar’. They all excitedly participated in all the session and looked forward to them. It was indeed a learning and heart touching experience for both.