In the spirit of the excitement of celebrating the festival of lights, the effusive learners of Grade 9 and 10 of MRIS-Sector14, Faridabad, were introduced to the wondrous world of art through a workshop on Papier Mache conducted by TOI. The workshop aimed to help the children apply their creativity and imagination to create a piece of decorative art through skill full amalgam of discarded paper and multani mitti. As the resource person explained the historical background of the art, the enthusiastic lot was transported to an era when rice husks were used to build these fascinating objects. Beholding in wonder at the wide array of products that could be created virtually out of nothing, the students learnt how dexterous hands could breathe a new life into all that was considered redundant.  The students coated the paper moulds with a fresh coat of paint to create photo stands, fashionable ornaments, idols of Gods and Goddesses and much more. From an ox-drawn cart to a fancy paper-stand, the young learners were amazed at the different uses of paper in art.

 To acquaint the students with the cultural and traditional fervour of Diwali – “The festival of lights”, the school also organised Toran making competition for Grade 7th and Thali decoration competition for Grade 8th respectively. Such hands-on activity help the students appreciate the richness and diversity of our culture, as well as enduring relevance of our age old values and customs. The entire middle wing of the school was abuzz with the enthusiasm and the bright hues of the decorative Torans and Thali’s.

The students enjoyed the activities thoroughly.