A fit, healthy body is the best fashion statement”… It’s fitness week, I can’t wait…Let’s get ready, it’s going to be great!

This week had been an exciting week!

MRIS Sector 14, Faridabad had organized a special week in school to promote our ‘Healthy Schools Status’ for students of nursery and kindergarten. An ideal exercise is the one which facilitates the movement of each and every part of the body. Walking, running, playing, skipping, yoga are some common forms of exercise which were planned during the fitness week. Throughout this week all the students were full of energy and their excitement was worth watching. Morning yoga and aerobics sessions made the day for each and every child. Even the teachers felt fresh and energetic throughout the day.

“The workout would not be taxing; it feels good to stretch the legs “ following this wonderful saying our kids enjoyed some fun and hurdle races like frog race, spider race, rock a baby race , shoe box race, hoopla race and many other activities like balancing, hopping and sand pit. Good health means not only absence of disease in the body but a complete physical, mental, social as well as spiritual well-being of an individual. The popular saying “health is wealth “has been actually proven true during this fitness week. Diet is the kind of food that we take and fruit must be supplemented with the meals therefore the student of nursery and kg also followed a week cycle menu which included – green veggies, nutrella, porridge, oats and fresh fruits- papaya, pomegranate, apple, banana and orange. Thus our week long fitness week came to a wonderful end with foot tapping aerobic number and left all the kids eagerly waiting for the next challenge.