Success comes from taking the initiative and then following up.

While a steady downpour drenched the city streets on Friday afternoon, the campus of  MRIS- Sector14 was buzzing with excitement.  All the students enthusiastically participated in a ‘Cleanliness Drive’. Keeping alive the mission of Dr. O. P. Bhalla, the young determined hands toiled in unison to ensure the cleanliness of their rooms under the guidance of their respective class teachers. The stigma associated with the handling of brooms and cloth dusters was cast away as the rooms resounded in smiles and laughter of the cheerful lot committed to the task at hand. Such activities inculcate the values of dignity of labour amongst the children from the very beginning. The students were lauded for their active participation and were encouraged to keep their surroundings clean. Overwhelmed by the heartening response to the drive, the school decided to have it as a regular activity.


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