Vacations are special and vacations with friends are the best. And this season, students of classes 9th and 10th went to one of the most beautiful places in India- Mashobra in Himachal Pradesh The adventure began even before reaching the campsite as students trekked down to the campsite. Though it was tiring, butthe view and location of Mashobra greens rejuvenated all. The weather was magical and it was drizzling throughout.

Postlunch, the students were  divided in 7 teams- Cheetahs’,Boars,Bulls,Horses, Chameleon’s,Eagles and Crocodiles. There were fun filled team activities which taught them leadership and inculcated team value.They also had a session on first aid and survival as the purpose of camp was learning as you play. After tea they trekked down to the games area The first day taught the students many vital virtues and made them realise the importance of basic things like food and shelter.The day was filled with surprises and excitement.

On the second day of the trip after the breakfast students gathered and trekked down to the activity ground for some more adventurous outdoor activities waiting for them. They performed three activities like Rappelling, Valley Crossing and Burma Bridge. After the lunch the students were ready to go for sightseeing in Shimla at Mall road. After returning to the campsite everybody enjoyed a dance session.

On the last and the final day they performed the last activity-“the mega challenge” The first challenge was to make a small shelter using bamboo sticks, ropes and other useful materials and side by side follow the LNT-Leave No Trace rule. Then came the navigation challenge in which they had to tell the North side only with the sun’s direction. Really it was a very tough job but the mentors were always there to help them. They also learned to give first-aid to a person who had fractured his “Tibia”. At last, they had activities like the fireman evacuation and the catapult which were really amazing. In the evening, the trip culminated with the closing ceremony in which they got their certificates and badges.  In all, they enjoyed a lot and had a great learning experience of life skills. Finally, it was coming back home with lots and lots of sweet memories and fun to be cherished for life.


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