Life’s most persistent and urgent question is what you are doing for others. MRIS-14 always tries to instill the feeling of respect and sensitivity towards the community in its students. When all the schools children were busy celebrating Children’s Day with their teachers and classmates, the students of Grade XI of MRIS decided to share their happiness with the especially able students of NGO – Prabhat.

They enthusiastically volunteered to visit and help these children came out of their shell and truly blossom MRIS-14 students carried the required material with them to conduct vegetable printing & bhelpuri making activity. Each and every child was involved in the activity even if they not able to express their happiness in words but their eyes and big smiles send it all. They also cut cake to mark the occasion. They danced and enjoyed. It was truly a learning experience for all students.

Many had tears in their eyes when the students bid then good bye. This was indeed the Children’s Day celebration in true sense. It gives immense satisfaction and leaves an everlasting impact on our lives.