Anshuman Anurag Jain Arnav Prasad Daman Suneja Harshit Madan
Harshit Mishra Kunal Jangid Shivangi


Students of MRIS Sector 14 excelled in Class X by achieving outstanding results. Eight students Shivangi Pasrija, Harshit Mishra, Daaman Suneja, Kunal Jangid, Anurag Jain, Arnav Prasad, Anshuman Yadav, and Harshit Mishra obtained 10 CGPA and more than seventeen students achieved more than 9 CGPA with persistent hard work of the students and teachers under the guidance of our Principal  Mrs. Mamta Wadhwa. 71 A1 Grades were scored by the students of class X.

We congratulate the students, parents and teachers for their brilliant achievement.