MRIS-14 organised a Career Orientation Workshop for the parents of Grade X to XII. The speakers were Mr.Prikshit Dhanda from MINDLER and Ms.Gauri Bhasin from CDC, MRIU. Mr.Dhanda highlighted that the children should be guided from Grade IX onwards so that they have clarity on the interest of subjects that they would like to pursue. Career mapping can start from Grade X onwards as an ongoing process. There was a satisfactory interaction between the parents and Mr. Dhanda, wherein a lot of queries were answered. Special emphasis was given on humanities stream as there are many career options as compared to science and commerce stream.

Ms.Bhasin emphasised on empowering the students to make the right career choices through team work between parents and school. There is also a need to create a supportive and positive environment around the child so that the child learns to cope with failure and work towards success again. She talked about the psychometric profiling of students which would help to gain better insights into career options best suited for them.

Both the speakers emphasised on self-exploration through understanding one’s career development and various parameters involved like knowing oneself, exploring options, getting focused and taking action. Role of various determinants of career choices like personal, social and environmental variables were discussed.

Principal Ms Mamta Wadhwa concluded the workshop by supporting what Mr.Dhanda and Ms.Bhasin had communicated to the parents. She stressed that the parents should have an open mind regarding the various career fields and involve children in the career related decision making process.