” Not every person knows how to love an animal, but an animal knows how to love a person”.*

Our little Bloomerz are always fascinated with the wonderful world of animals which they always see in books , hear in the rhymes and stories but never get to experience. To bring out the real life of the farm and the farm animals Bloomz, MRIS sec-14 organized “ Day out at the farm”.

On a bright Wednesday morning, the school ground was turned into a mini play barn where there was a shed for the cow, stable for the horse, pen for the hens, rabbits hopping all around, birds chirping, pugs lazing around and the goats grazing here and there. The camel and the horse were all set to give the kids a ride on their back. Parents along with their little ones were welcomed by the students dressed in animal costumes. The show began by singing the “Old McDonald” rhyme , which added more excitement as the
children could see the animals right in front of them. The children enjoyed feeding food to the animals.

Our little champs participated in various races with zeal and enthusiasm like: crawl race, ball race, animal race, hoopla race and zip zap zoom etc. It was a proud moment for the parents to see their little Bloomerz stand on the victory stand and receive token of appreciation from our honourable Chancellor, Dr Prashant Bhalla Executive Director , Ms. Deepika Bhalla and
respected Principal Ma’am. Parents were extremely supportive and excited to participate in various games with full zeal. Not only did they love rolling tyres along the tracks but also they were super excited to race the country bicycles along with their beautiful wives. It took them down to the memory lane and reminded them their childhood days. Last but not the least it was hard to get our eyes off, from the spicy *‘Masala Bhangra’* performed by our lovely mommies. Altogether it was an experiential and interactive learning with some fresh air for all the kids as well as their parents.