MRIS Sector 14 hosted it’s Sports Event – Olympia 4: The Spring Fiesta for Four Consecutive days which started on 24th February and concluded on 27th February. Each day was graced by various esteemed guests.

On Day 1: The Guests of honor were- Mrs. Satya Bhalla; Chief Patron MREI, Dr. Amit Bhalla; Vice President MREI, Mrs. Nisha Bhalla; E.D. MRIS Sector 21C.

Mrs. Satya Bhalla extended her gratitude to parents and grandparents and motivated the children with her pearls of wisdom. Dr. Amit Bhalla also emphasized on the evolution of the Education Fraternity from pen & paper to “E”. He also requested the grandparents to be associated with the school and guide the institution with their valuable inputs and moral values.

On Day 2: The Esteemed Guests were Mr. Sunny Bansal-Executive Director; MRIS Sector 46 Gurgaon, along with his family and Mrs. Dhriti Malhotra; Principal, MRIS Sector 46 and 51 Gurgaon. Mrs. Malhotra congratulated and appreciated the efforts of the children and teachers.

On Day 3: The Valued Guests were Dr. Prashant Bhalla; President MREI and Mr. Sarkar Talwar; Director Sports MREI. Ms. Heather, Ms. Elaine and Ms. Monika Mukherjee were also present from the Academic Excellence team. Dr. Prashant Bhalla extended his gratitude to the parents and congratulated the MRIS Sector 14 team for such a splendid performance. He also motivated the grandparents to actively participate and contribute their valuable suggestions for day to day functioning of the school

On Day 4: The Chief Guests were Col. V.K. Gaur and Mr. Edward Carter from the Academic Excellence team. The event was culminated with the wise advise of Col. V.K. Gaur who not only congratulated the children and school staff but also advised the parents to realize that every child is unique and suggested them not to compare but to learn to accept. He also appreciated that the Vision of Dr. O.P. Bhalla has been perfectly projected by all the heads of Manav Rachna Schools.

The beautiful little MRIans carrying the spring fiesta placards unlocked the Pandora’s box of secrets- The secret of Mascot- “Buffy the Butterfly”. The audience was flabbergasted to see the magnificent Butterfly coming out of the cocoon flapping its stunning vibrant wings associated with the beautiful spring theme of the event. The martial arts demonstration, ‘Kicks and Punches’, was an artistic amalgamation of Taekwondo and Judo. The Children also showcased their Skating Skills and Various Yogic Postures meticulously.

Parents were astounded to see the culturally talented kindergarteners marching perfectly in their respective tracks with the band of little toddlers in their attractive costumes followed by the oath ceremony. This is just the beginning of the show and the ground beheld beautiful when our versatile children enthralled the audience with their electrifying performance of the fusion of Indian and international dances. An aura of peace and calm was created by the Indian music. The audience held their breath as our talented nursery children cart-wheeled. There was a gush of excitement among the parents who craved for more and more of such an unparalleled performances.

Children from early years got charged up to put up a grand show and passionately participated in races like Animal race, Corns in Cones, Relay Race, Caterpillar Race, Bucket Race, Bicycle Race, Pyramid Race etc. and won laurels. Children of Grade I and II participated in Plant the seed race, Carrot Hunt Race, Petal Arrangement Race, Farmer’s Race, Mind Your Garbage Race, Fruit Picking Race, Spring Race and Honeybee Hurdle Race. The spirit of enthusiasm and competitiveness was in the air as the children geared up with their eye on the finishing line. Animal race of Nursery children was fun filled. KG students were no less and their bucket race was amazing. Little toddlers were perfect in bicycle race. Children’s making of colourful pyramids in their race was mind blowing. All the races as usual were full of cheer. Above all, the show instilled the excitement and the playful spirit among the parents which pulled them on the tracks for the races to cheer their kids.

The races, organized for our sporty parents were Backward Race, Three-Legged Race, Skipping Race and Balloon Bursting Race. The Couple’s Race saw enthusiastic parents reliving their childhood leaving their fears and apprehensions behind. The parents reinforced the fact that winning is not everything but what really counts is the effort and the spirit as the smiles on their child’s face was a prize they eventually all wanted. All the winners were eagerly waiting to get awarded and appreciated by the Principal and the guest of honors.
The Grand Finale was the icing on the cake after the enthralling performances. The audience was delighted to watch the incredible performance wherein children culminated the show by their outstanding performance on Waka-Waka, Feel The Rush and Jai Ho songs.