MRIS, Sector 14 organized Literary Week for the kindergarteners so that they can explore English language in a fun way. The core objective was to enable the children to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the language.

Literary Week started with independent writing where children went for a nature walk and framed sentences on anything they saw around on their inscription cards. It was followed by creating their own stories on topics like my favourite story, jungle and beach. They displayed their work by making their own story calendars.

Story time is the most favourite activity of the children. A magical world was woven for all by our mothers and grandmothers through the interesting stories narrated by them. The stories mesmerized everyone present and made a memorable experience for the kids.

In the hustle bustle of daily life, sometimes we forget to follow the fine dining etiquettes. So the kindergarteners opened their cutlery kits and learnt the tips of formal dining in the table manners club on the fourth day of the Literary Week. They not only learnt the basic table manners like not to  chew with open mouth, to keep napkins on their laps while eating but also learnt the magical words thank you, please, sorry and excuse me were also woven with the activity itself to enhance their communication skills.

The literary week concluded in musical way singing and giggling. The children chose a variety of topics for their recitation and marked their presence felt by exhibiting their talent with all their confidence and curiosity to stand in front of everybody.