Students from Grades 6 to 8 embarked upon a wonderful edutrip to the Unites States recently. They visited cities like Orlando, New York and Washington DC and saw the most breathtaking sights and the most awe-inspiring buildings and structures. In Orlando, the students had a chance to visit Kennedy Space Centre, where they were apprised about the thrills and chills of being an astronaut. They also saw the launch pad of the Atlantis space shuttle and had the privilege of interacting with an astronaut at NASA over lunch. They later visited Cocoa beach for some sea-side rejuvenation.

At Disneyland, the children enjoyed the fairy tale world by appreciating charm and beauty of enigmatic characters. Hershey’s Chocolate Factory was a complete delight for them. At Universal Studios, the students experienced Herculean rides and viewed superheroes in 7D.

The students then proceeded towards Washington DC, where the saw the White House, Lincoln Memorial and Trump International Towers.

At New York, the children got the opportunity to see Times Square, stunning sky scrapers, churches and memorials. The highlight of the trip was the visit to Niagra Falls, where they rode the famous mist ferry.

The edu-trip gave the students an opportunity to see how people live in a foreign country. It also helped in building their confidence as well as social and communications skills.