“Language is the blood of the soul into which thoughts run and out of which they grow.” — Oliver Wendell Holmes

MRIS Charmwood has always laid a lot of emphasis on the development of language in children. As a step towards this continued practice, a ‘Language fiesta’ was held in school recently. The students participated in activities designed to develop their listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. Students of Early Years enjoyed experiential activities like ‘hop and read’, ‘think before you speak’, ‘spin the wheel’, ‘show and tell’, ‘story enactment’ and ‘rhyme recitation’. Children also explored the sensory station and expressed themselves through creative writing. At the Primary wing, an array of activities were planned to enhance language development. The students participated in Object Description (Grade I), Story Telling (Grade II), Role Play (Grade III), PPT presentation on Ramayana (Grade IV) and Master Chefs of MRIS CW (Grade V).