MRIS believes that a family that prays together and eats together, always stays together. Keeping this thought in mind, MRIS CW organized a special interactive session and lunch for members of the school management.

Dr Prashant Bhalla President, MREI and Dr Amit Bhalla VP, MREI congratulated the school for its tremendous growth and encouraged staff members to work towards constantly enhancing their skills. The meeting was followed by a pool lunch.

The special guests included Ms Nisha Bhalla, Executive Director, MRIS CW & 21C; Mr Sunny Bansal, Executive Director, MRIS 46; Dr NC Wadhwa, Vice Chancellor, MRIU; Dr Sanjay Shrivastava, Vice Chancellor, MRU; Ms Goldy Malhotra, Director, Academic staff college & Administration, MRIS; Ms Mamta Wadhwa Principal, MRIS-14; Mr R.K. Bansal and Mr Sameer Shah, GM, Operations.