Keeping in view the objective of an interface with Science and its activities, Manav Rachna International School, Charmwood Village planned a visit to the National Science Centre at Pragati Maidan, Delhi for the students of Grade VI. A group of about 150 students started from School at 9:00 am in buses and reached the destination at 10:00 am. There was a lot of excitement among the students as they boarded the bus. On the way, there were sessions of curiosity galore as they all had keen interest in Science. The students were very excited about this visit.

On entering the centre, the students started their tour with the gallery, ‘Water: The Elixir of Life’. Here, the students were told about the critical importance of water in our lives, the current rate of depletion of the water table and the need to educate citizens in regard to the current crisis. The ‘Heritage Gallery’, showcased a rich preserve of our precious heritage. It contained exhibits about India’s profound and contribution to Astronomy, Mathematics, Chemistry, Medicine, Metallurgy, Art, Craft and Architecture. The students had fun in the Dinosaur and the mirror section. The students had an enriching experience and learnt various concepts of Science at National Science Centre.