E-waste Collection Drive

Conserving and sustaining the environment is an important need of the hour. Swachh Bharat, Digital India and Smart City initiatives have made us realize that e-wastes cannot be disposed indiscriminately.
Karo Sambhav is a cohesive tech-based e-waste management movement funded by the World Bank and promoted by our government, industrial associations and manufacturers. Safe solutions for e-waste recycling can prevent health hazards arising from the informal methods used by local recyclers and also stop dumping of landfills.
Manav Rachna’s proactive approach to social leadership, community outreach and undertaking of responsibilities has made our children global advocates of best practices. We, as responsible partners have taken up the initiative for educating, empowering and collecting e-wastes. We shared videos, conducted surveys and encouraged the children to contribute whole-heartedly.
An E-waste Collection Drivewas organized at Manav Rachna International School, Charmwood in the month of February 2018. Overwhelming response was generated and over 100 kgs of e-wastes have been collected. The material collected will be handed over to Karo Sambhav organization soon. Besides, the children took pledge on efficient management and disposal of e-waste. The school was abuzz with enthusiastic pouring in of variety of e-wastes at the behest of students, teachers and other staff members.

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