Drama is a part of life. Without a bit of drama, there would be no spice in life.”

Mrs. Goldy Malhotra, Director Academics Staff College and Administration, MRIS conducted a Dramatics Workshop ‘Let’s Get Theatrical’ for the Students of Grades VI to XI at MRIS- Charmwood. She taught the nuances of drama to the young scholars through interesting activities. She taught them significance of the right gait, posture, body language, expressions, gestures, eye movement, voice throw, modulation and tone in Drama.

Dramatics help children learn empathy and self-control. Students were made to learn to empathize and to view the world from other people’s perspectives including those of peers, adults, and people in stories. Drama helps the children to be more expressive and communicate effectively.

As many as seventy young scholars were divided into four groups and given different situations. They enacted the scenes with élan and received a detailed feedback.