Dorling Kindersley, Eureka Books and Quiz Craft conducted the D.K. quiz at Manav Rachna International School – Charmwood on 4th October, 2016. The quiz had a wide range of questions from Entertainment to literature, sports to architecture. The questions challenged the wits and aptitude of the students. The variety of rounds reinvigorated their interest in general knowledge. There were D.K. books as prizes for the audience. The top two teams also won books as prizes. The day saw the clash of Titans in the buzzer round which saw the turn of tide in favour of the winners Pranati Mahajan and Palak Parashar which was otherwise in favour of the runners up Agranya Raj Singh and Saiyam Khurana.

It was an excellent opportunity for the students to test their knowledge and presence of mind. Everybody at the end of the day gained knowledge. The finalists will participate in the National Round to be held on 14th October, 2016 at New Delhi.