The Students of Grade II at MRIS-Charmwood presented a glittering Crest assembly in School wherein they shared their osmosis of global knowledgewhich they had gained under the themes ‘Japan’ and ‘North West America’. 

Students dressed as Buddhist monks chanted ‘Nam yo ho renge kyo’ and lit the lamp of knowledge with the esteemed guests:  Dr Amit Bhalla, Vice President, MREI; Ms Nisha Bhalla, Executive Director, MRIS CW & 21C; Ms Madhuri Verma, Principal, Janki Devi Vocational Centre; Ms Shipra Mathur, Advocate, Supreme Court, along with Ms Sanyogita Sharma, Director Principal, MRIS-Charmwood and Ms Jyoti Bhalla, Headmistress, Primary and Early years wings, MRIS-CW.

The children showcased their learning through skit and dance performances. Japan — Land of the rising sun – was depicted beautifully by children dressed up in Kimonos. They presented graceful fan and umbrella dances and also spoke about the significance of these articles. 

The Students also dressed up as tribal Inuits and spoke about their way of living in NW America. The flea market and gallery walk created with children’s work grabbed eyeballs.