Director-Principal, MRIS, Charmwood, Ms. Sanyogita Sharma, flagged off the Anti-Cracker rally with the  slogan ‘SAY NO TO CRACKER, YES TO LIFE’ and encouraged the students and staff members, not to burst crackers and take the initiative of passing the message of NO CRACKERS in their neighbourhood. Students moved around in the vicinity of Charmwood, motivating the neighbourhood to avoid bursting crackers and not using the Chinese Goods. They actively participated holding banners and slogans conveying the message of not using crackers. They shouted slogans in chorus. The enthusiasm and the energy of the students was so vibrant that passerby’s also participated in the rally encouraging the motive of the rally. The main aim of the rally was to raise awareness in people regarding the ill effects of bursting crackers. Students took oath to ‘Go Green This Diwali’ and promised not to burst crackers.