Manav Rachna International School Eros Garden Charmwood Faridabad announces the first edition of Intra MUN- Conglomerate organized at Inter House level in the school premises on 13th and 14th May 2017.

The Secretariat has started the preparation in full swing. The Organizing Committee, a 15 member student body has been selected after written round and interviews. The EB members have been selected after multiple rounds of interviews. The detailed Background guides, agendas of the committees and the country matrix will be uploaded on the school website, Facebook, Manav Rachna Charmwood page on 2nd May 2017. Stay tuned for the information. The name of the conference and logo has already been released by the media. The Media Affairs department has released its first video. The logistics department has successfully arranged the stationery kit and managed to find sponsors for food for the two days of the conference. We are happy to announce that Perfect Bake will sponsor the food for the two days of the conference.