The stream of life flows gurgling down and across many a ways streamlets are made, lot of wanted and unwanted stuff moves along to be piled here and there to be washed out and at times to be gifted to the needy. It’s for us, the on lookers, meeting the flow at different levels of its passage, to be quick to realize its message of carrying on, despite one’s good and bad lot.

Inspiration comes with awareness. How many of us are open to be inspired by the magnificent emotional strength of the people on this earth who even though are one of us, we do not bother to give a moments attention. But if we choose to be sensitive to them, whoever, we will find many a common men embodying values that uplift our lives . Such beings are brave and proactive and have tremendous intrinsic unmatchable worth. One of the many wonders of creation are the people who remain stuck to a number unsung, unnoticed, unrewarded, underprivileged, uneducated, yet remain the greatest source of animation  for people who acknowledge the great teacher in them. Learning from such quarters remains embedded in one’s being throughout one’s life and whenever you feel jinxed or anxious for the strange, uncalled for happenings in your life just pause and ponder into the life style of these simpletons. Lo! There will be a sudden flow of enthused energy, cathartic desire to move on, in spite of emotional fissures here and there.

I shall take up my flashes one by one. Their real names shall not be revealed. Not for any other reason but to give regard to their privacy and humility of being what they are. They themselves are unaware of their chastity and that there is someone amongst the vast humanity who looks up to their ingenuity with reverence and is forever in the quest to cultivate some of the infallible qualities she admires in them.

Preetam and Gayatri, a carpenter and his wife belong to a remote unheard village of UP.They don’t know what a school looks like. But, what understanding and respect they have for each other. Their practical wisdom of living happily with their class without clashes of egos and personalities. Their immense faith in each other would put to shame, all those who regularly get counseled by the experienced and the learned, leave no periodical unread to help them to understand the intricacies of marriage and family life but remain in obscurantism in spite of all their academic feats!

Hari Ram is an auto-rickshaw driver. Happy with his lot, he drives his vehicle all over Delhi, weathering the austere scenario with the requisite grit, patience and cheer. There’s never a frown on his forehead. Folks who happen to get into his auto are treated to music of their choice too .Each one is asked  what age – songs appeal to them and to their pleasant surprise,  throughout their zigzagging trip, they get to hear their favorite numbers. What a treat! Then if he observes any bit of worry on his customers face, he takes upon himself the task of helping him to relax and flow with the tide of time. His discourses are varied, from religious, psychological or philosophical. Seeing him nobody can say that he is a sage whose way of worship is to empathise with the people he travels with and help them out as best as he can. Is he sailing smooth through life? Well, no, but so what! Life is all about highs and lows! Says he….

Then there is Madhu, a victim of child marriage. Before the scenario dawned on her, she was already a mother of seven children.That’s not all. Her drunkard husband’s contribution towards the family remains endless abusing, beating the wife and his own progeny and total neglect. But Madhu has not given up. She works as a part time help from morning till evening. She earns enough to have a regular supply of at least two square meals for everyone in her home. An incorrigible optimist, she ticks off her hard life saying, it could have been worst. Never feels victimized.  Calm and cool, she lives life moment to moment, no sulking the past or dreaming a rosy future. What a lesson learnt!

Great professional literates, thinkers religious gurus, councilors are shouting hoarse from roof tops and writing books after books to enlighten people about what life is all about, can the essence of life be better learnt from anywhere else than from the persona of the men and women such as these.

by Ms. Reeta Sharma(TGT), MRIS-46