The things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them”. Those were the wise words of Aristotle, and still ring true to this day – especially when it comes to your studies. Though having a theoretical knowledge of any course is important, combining theory with practice is vital to help one learn better and understand more. Practical skills are proven to help one retain knowledge better.

At MRIS, Noida we give immense importance to practical knowledge and provide every opportunity to students to explore things on their own. Theory provides the groundwork for learning about anything, but one can’t just learn by reading a conIMG_5191cept; one actually has to see the concept in play to completely understand it. Real-life practical training gives a new learning experience and allows the knowledge to stay in your mind longer.

Various experiments and practical sessions are included in the time-table to ensure better understanding of concepts. Aside from improving learning, practical training adds another dimension and complements the theoretical knowledge that one needs for the chosen career. Practical training is helpful in acquiring the specific techniques that are relevant when one starts working in his chosen field.

MRIS teachers ensure that our students get enough of practical training so that the students are well groomed to face the challenges of life as it deepens the knowledge and gives confidence while applying it.