Today, children in India are growing in a more challenging and demanding environment. The rate of change in every sphere is rapid. With the enhanced knowledge exchange and technology development, the world is going flatter.

At MRIS, priority is also given to the teaching of critical thinking skills such as reasoning and problem solving, to help our students develop the ability to reach sound conclusions based on observation and information. Our school curricula also allows our teachers the flexibility to adopt innovative methods to stimulate interest and attention among the students and develop in them an appreciation for the values of the past, the excitement of the present and the challenges of the future.

At MRIS, we hope to create an atmosphere of reverence for education and a healthy environment where work, sports and co-curricular activities will mould our students and spur them on to be the brightest and the best.


The Astronomy club programme organised by SPACE, has been designed to develop scientific attitude among students by introducing various scientific concepts through the process of observation, enquiry, experimentation and analysis. Students learn to identify celestial objects in the sky and also learn to focus the telescope on a celestial object. Our Proud Mrites Pravesh Narang  and Mihika Agarwal of Grade VI who have discovered Multiple Asteroids Thistle as part of All India Asteroid Search Campaign, 2016 conducted by SPACE in collaboration with International Astronomy Search Collaboration (IASC), United States of America.

As we all believe that the starting point of all achievements is desire which they both have in them and they proved the same through their observations. Kudos Kids!

Our school has always attached great value to sports and related activities, to generate a healthy spirit of competition and camaraderie among our students, to channelize their energy constructing and build self esteem and confidence. We have a number of achievements to our credit.

  • In Inter Manav Rachna Roller skating, we won 16 medals.
  • In Gymnastics championship held at Faridabad, Girls won the overall second position Trophy and Boys won the overall third position Trophy.
  • In Inter school Basket Ball Match held at , the sub juniors Girls team left their distinctive mark by claiming the first position.
  • The Junior Boys basket ball team triumphantly bagged the first position.
  • In the Skating competition organised by Rajputana , the Mrites played their way to the first position.
  • In Inter school Skating Competition held at Rajputana School, Mrites left an incredible mark by winning the Rolling Trophy in Quads etc.
  • In Inter school Athletic Meet held at Swiss Cottage School organised by Rajputana Foundation. Mrites left an incredible mark by winning the Second Rolling Trophy and won 9 Gold medals, 27 silver medals and 11 Bronze medals.

Cultural Activity

“All work and no play, makes jack a dull boy”

The core aim of education is to foster all round development of a child. All round development essentially means intellectual, physical, moral, sensible and social development. We at MRIS-51, Gurgaon focus to incorporate three major genres of education: reasoning, psychomotor and emotional learning. Our curriculum consists of well planned academic and non academic activities. Cultural activities give opportunity to students to develop their particular skills and exhibit their non-academic abilities. They groom the students in the “Art of living and working together.” They are the true and practical experiences gained by students by their own learning.  The aesthetic development like character building, spiritual and moral values, physical growth, creativity and many more are backed up by the cultural activities only. For example, celebration of various festivals like Janmashtmi, Diwali, Christmas, Id, Guruparv and Independence Day and theme based assemblies etc render a number of values like mutual respect and exposure of multicultural, multiethnic environment. Participation of students in cultural activities professes coordination, adjustment, and speech fluency, extempore and debating skills amongst students. These academically and co-circularly talented students have well-groomed personality, which helps them to face the world in a better way.