The sullen faces of the students, deprived of admissions  in their desired streams and colleges due to unrealistic cut-offs and  fulfilled craving for the ‘brands’ mark the scenario post admissions. As a result, some are drifted towards foreign universities which count a lot many things other than academics. These opportunities salvage their dreams and hence they eventually settle on the foreign shores. However for those the life seems to come to an abrupt end, who fail to make even to the universities abroad. They find themselves in a lurch and are lost in the big mad world. So, it is pertinent to make them understand and accept that this not the end of their journey rather this could become the means to achieve higher goals in life. They have miles to go to accomplish their dreams and there is no dearth of opportunities in India.

Fat pay packages and quality of life, no doubt, lure our laborious students abroad. However, this is only one rosy aspect of the picture which is capable enough of infusing stress in those who fail to make it due to multiple reasons ranging from financial constraints to lack of adequate documentation, e.t.c.

The students need to be aware of the exact perspective of education which is the backbone of our country. The benefits of studying in our own country are umpteen. It is required of every individual to fight societal as well as peer pressure. The comfort level of ones homeground, the affordable educational demands, highly qualified counselors, guidance cells, zero financial stress, numerous job avenues ,setting up a new enterprise open vistas of new horizons for them. The zeal to work hard and excel to make it to the desired profession keeps the candle of optimism burning and in the process they even surpass those who are studying and working abroad. In this way we could also make India’s workforce one of its major assets. Our government is already doing a lot to encourage entrepreneurs through the policy of liberalization to produce employment. The Government is giving concessions in tax as well as decreasing the hassles concerned in setting up an industry.

So the students should not go only by the façade of universities abroad, they can be at par with them by exploring wide areas of knowledge and job opportunities in India. The need of the hour is to condition their perspective and prepare them to explore India which is so vast and brimming with the opportunities.

Ms. Sunanda Grover


Manav Rachna International School

Sector-51 NOIDA