Classrooms at MRIS are joyous learning spaces for students. The well- lit air-conditioned classrooms fully equipped with child friendly and age appropriate furniture take care of the physical comfort of the students. The cubbyholes to house the belongings of the students give them a spic and span look. The requisite equipment for the delivery of the curriculum makes classrooms wondrous zones for learning. The Interactive boards facilitate learning as per the needs of the learners. Internet can be easily accessed; no wonder any piece of info is only a click away for our learners. Cybernetics helps miraculously to support learning of concepts. The white boards at the suitable height for young learners to try their hands on writing, the easels for creative play, a vanity to clean the mess – these reflect the serious thought put into the designing of the classrooms.

Every classroom has an inviting reading center loaded with the theme and age specific books. Science center for exploring the world around, resources like Scrabble, Sudoku, crossword puzzles allow students to use their school day judiciously even after they complete their class assignment. To top it all is a compassionate, sensitive, sensible and a highly qualified facilitator who makes learning a joyful experience for the students.