admission Admission Policy

Manav Rachna International Schools follow a merit based admissions policy in which preference is given to students residing in proximity to schools, proficient sportsmen and wards of Alumni as well as Manav Rachna Staff.

Admission Procedure : Salient Features

  1. Students seeking admission in any class at Manav Rachna International School can enquire on telephone no. 4259000 or through e-mail or visit any of the schools and procure admission brochure along with scratch card by payment of Rs 750/- from any of:
    1. The Manav Rachna International School counter or from Administrative Headquarters of Manav Rachna by paying requisite fee in cash or by swiping credit card.
    2. Download the admission brochure from School website by paying the requisite fee via credit card or through payment gateway.
  2. The scratch card attached with the admission brochure contains a unique number covered by a scratchable admission21 Admission Policycoating. The parent to scratch the card slowly to uncover the number. This number on the scratch card is to be filled in the designated row in the online application form.
  3. The School preference column in the application form is a mandatory field to be filled by the parents, students should take a print out of a print out of the completed application form before submitting the application online. The respective school shall get in touch with the student/ parent for calling them for interaction/ admission test telephonically or through e-mail or through information on website.
  4. Based on the criteria the students shall be selected for admission; the name of students so selected shall be displayed on school notice board and information shall also be conveyed telephonically or through e-mail/website.
  5. The student thus selected shall be required to pay the fee within stipulated time. The fee is to be deposited at the respective counter at schools through demand draft. Under exceptional conditions cash could be paid at the school counter.
  6. The parent is required to submit a copy of the application form submitted online (print taken) and affix his/her recent passport size colour photograph alongwith other documents as mentioned in the application form mentioning details of payment of school fee.
  7. Students so selected is required to pay the school fee as mentioned in the admission brochure within three days of selection, failing which the selection would automatically stand cancelled.
  8. The school fee is payable quarterly. Any delay in payment of school fee by due date shall invite late fee of Rs.50/- per day upto 7 days. For the next days the late fee will be Rs 100/- per day. In case fee in not paid by 14th day of the due date, the name of the students will be struck off from school rolls. This may necessitate readmission, if permitted, after payment of re-admission charges amounting to Rs.-2500/-
  9. Admission shall be provisional till all documents are submitted at school office and found in order.
  10. The student/parent shall be liable for any wrong information leading to cancellation of admission. All fee/dues paid shall be forfeited.

List of documents to be brought at the time of admission

a) 6 passport size colour photographs.

b) 1 passport size photograph of each parent.

c) Address proof (photocopy of the ration card/electricity bill/telephone bill)

d) Photocopy of report card of last 3 years.

e) Photocopy of birth certificate.

f) Transfer Certificate, where applicable.

Refund of Fee on Withdrawal of Admission

The students, who have deposited the fee at the time of admission and subsequently withdraws, shall be required to make an application in the prescribed form to the school Principal.

In case where fee is paid and admission is withdrawn before the commencement of the session, the student shall be refunded the entire fee received after deducting Rs.15000/- towards administrative charges.

In case where withdrawal application is made after the commencement of the session/classes, the fee so paid for the Quarter shall be forfeited and only the refundable security deposit received at the time of admission shall be refunded.

The refund shall be made within 60 days from the date of receiving the withdrawal application.

Manav Rachna Administrative Headquarters shall send the refund cheque after proper verification and checking with the administrative head at school for onward delivery to the applicant.

admission3 Admission Policy