theme assemblies Theme Assemblies

Theme Assemblies

Theme Assemblies are an integral aspect of an academic session at MRIS. Our students learn a lot through the various subjects and themes undertaken during the session. Theme Assemblies are a way of presenting what has been learnt and understood by the students. Besides showcasing their knowledge and understanding of the various subjects, these assemblies aid in enhancing the confidence of the children as they perform on the stage. It not only helps them to get rid of the stage-fright, but also helps them become better orators, dancers, singers and performers.

Theme Assemblies focus on 100% participation from the students, i.e. each and every child from every group in the school participates; which means a theme assembly being conducted for Nursery would have all the Nursery students participating and performing on the stage.

Theme Assemblies are also a unique way of involving the parents in the teaching-learning process. The parents are invited to be a part of the Theme Assemblies and watch their child perform on the stage. This is one of the ways of informing them about the learning that has happened at school, and it goes without saying that it is always a good experience to watch ones child performing on the stage.

Graduation Day

theme assemblies2 Theme AssembliesGraduation is a ceremony to celebrate the passing out of the Kindergarten students from Early Years, while also ushering them into their “official” start of Grade1. Each Kindergarten student at the year end is conferred with a Graduation Certificate by the Principal of the school, with parents as audience. While the certificates are being handed over to the children, the Centre Incharge speaks a few lines about each child and at the same time wishing the child all the best for the years to come. Thereafter, the students perform in front of the parents in which they showcase their skills learnt during the year.

With parents admiring and smiling, cameras in hand, their children looking like university Graduates with their gowns and caps, it is  indeed, a picturesque moment  It is a lovely ceremony, and one that will stay in the children’s memories for a long, long time. 

Equity Projects and Life Skills

theme assemblies3 Theme AssembliesIn the previous year, the students actively participated in the cleanliness drives conducted in the school. They also visited orphanages and lepers’ colony. Each One Teach One Policy was followed by the students of this club.

The students also made projects on life skills, health and well being.
This club emphasizes on the development of life skills, teaches the positive and negative effects of peer pressure, abstaining from alcohol and drugs. 

Eco- Gardening

theme assemblies4 Theme AssembliesThe students are given tips on gardening. They plant saplings on the environment day, earth day as well as on their birthdays. The students had also made compost pit in the previous session and were taught the benefits of composting. The students are taken for nature walks and taught about the different kinds of plants and flowers. 

Student council – Leaders in the making

“ Leadership & learning are indispensable to each other”

The Student Council is responsible for the following:

  • theme assemblies5 Theme AssembliesEnsuring smooth functioning of school in the matters of discipline, peace and order
  • Providing a link between students and administration and serve as one voice
  • Monitoring the cleanliness and maintenance of the class rooms
  • Ensuring the correct use and maintenance of sports equipment and facilities
  • Interact with the students and listen to their problems
  • Checking the uniforms of the students
  • Motivating students to communicate in English
  • Keeping a check on the behavior and mannerism among the students
  • The Student council aims to build a sense of community & strength, to nurture responsibility & collaborative  attitude. This widens their horizons. We have a student parliament system in the school where the students are allowed to chose their leaders through a fair ballot system. The school gives the deserving students a fair chance to assume responsibilities and come face to face with real life problems.
  • The Student council supports a hierarchy which delegates the responsibility & accountability. The council consists of a Head boy / Head girl followed by Vice Head Boy, Vice Head , Head Prefect, Sports Captain, Eco Head, Literary Head, Discipline Head, Canteen Head & House Captains. The student council works hand in hand with the teachers to maintain the decorum and The Council Members carry out their responsibilities diligently and take pride in rendering their duties:

      1. abide by the rules and regulations of the school

      2. maintain highest order of discipline

      3. look after school property

      4. contribute towards the overall development of the school 

Parent’s Participation, School Activities

theme assemblies6 Theme Assemblies

  • Grand Parents Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Master Chef Mom
  • Appreciation Day
  • Story Session By Parents
  • Interactive Session between Parents who are expert in various expert fields
  • Parents involvement in Theme Assemblies
  • Career Counseling for Students along with Parents
  • Orientation Day for Parents

Parent-Teacher Interaction Forums

theme assemblies7 Theme AssembliesParents at Manav Rachna play an important role in the teaching-learning process by contributing their bit of efforts and knowledge in the multifarious activities that the school organizes from time to time. They witness the Theme Presentations wherein they learn about the various concepts and methodologies about teaching at all levels.

Parent educator conference is organised on the first and third Saturday of alternate month, to keep the parent updated with the child’s performance. In addition to this, regular feedbacks from parents are welcomed, to continue striving for perfection.

The school strongly believes in tapping their reservoir of knowledge by inviting them for various Guest lectures under Career Counselling Programme, and story sessions on during respective themes.