Teaching Style

“Teacher – Educators cannot fight today’s battle with yesterday’s weapon.”

Hence they must be prepared to accept the changes that occur and deliver the instructions required in a desirable manner to prepare the future leaders of our country who are the agents of change.

The Academic Excellence Team undertakes the responsibility of professional development on the ongoing basis and also ensures that quality norms of various affiliating bodies viz CBSE and Accreditation Agencies are being met.

  • Preparation of documentation and Submission of completed applications in respect of MRIS – 14, MRIS – CW and MRIS – 46 for CBSE accreditation.
  • Preparation of documentation and Submission of completed applications in respect of MRIS – 14, MRIS – CW and MRIS – 46 for AdvancED Accreditation, USA.
  • Keeping the teachers abreast with the latest knowledge and teaching methodologies, through conduct of ongoing professional development
    programmes, workshops and seminars from time to time.

MRIS Academic Excellence Team is regularly working towards AdvancED Accreditation Process (International Accreditation) also.



JodoGyan conducted a workshop for Maths teachers from all over the schools in NCR to update them with the latest educational tools and strategies to help to reduce the anxiety and phobia among students in dealing with Mathematics. In the workshop, teachers were introduced to various kinds of teaching aids devised especially to meet the learning requirements of students of the age group 6 to 10.They planned various activities for the teachers to en-able them to use the JodoGyan kits efficiently.

The workshop helped the teachers in understanding the common errors committed by the students while operating with numbers and effective strategies to help children overcome such errors. In all it was an enriching session.


Seminar on EDUConvex at the India Habitat Centre. It had series of presentations by experts and educators on creating multiple intelligences, multiple natures and learning environments



“Teacher- Educators cannot fight today’s battle with yesterday’s weapon.”
Hence they must be prepared to accept the changes that occur & deliver the instructions required in a desirable manner to prepare the future leaders of our country who are the changing agents of the society. Keeping the teachers abreast with the latest knowledge & teaching methodologies, is a prime requirement for effective teaching-learning process. To meet this need, the academic excellence team regularly organizes various organizes various workshops & seminars for the educators from time to time. Language workshops are conducted to make the teachers aware of different approaches which can be used to help different types of learners and at the same time make a boring grammar lesson interesting. Topics related to phonics, grammar and creative writing are taken up through various interactive sessions in which techniques and ideas are discussed to make the resultant learning better.

Workshop on Stress Management focused on careful handling of child in present day complex and stressful environment. It guided the teachers to be “Natural Facilitators”. Different workshops conducted to handle the agenda of carefully handling the child in present day complex and stressful environment. These enriching workshops guided the teachers to be “Natural Facilitators”

A one day workshop on Capacity Building in CCE for Life Skills, Well Being and Health was conducted. The workshop offered a plethora of interactive and collaborative activities for the participants to lay their hands on. Right from introducing the ten life skills to interpreting them correctly and actually implementing them in the class-rooms, the teachers had a lot to do, share and take home.


Not all children are born orators, not all are skilled at sports. Every child harbors his/her unique talent and potential. In a nurturing and comforting environment, every child can chase his dream, pursue his ambition and be whatever he aspires to be.

But in case of learning difficulties or disabilities, the task of learning becomes onerous and exceedingly difficult. Such children face a tough time to cope with the learning easily acquired by the other children of their own age group. MRIS group of schools believes in addressing the specific learning needs of every student. The Special Education Needs [SEN] department offers to bridge this gap between classroom learning and the student’s difficulty by offering individualized education programs [IEPs] for each individual student to be monitored by the special educators.

The specially-trained educators and counsellors work towards students’ abilities and needs. Contributing to the academic, social and behavioral development. Hence, at MRIS we take each student by the hand to further his skills and soar into the horizon of seamless possibilities.