Innovation at Scholastic Areas


Cooperative learning through this method students learn essential interpersonal life skills and develop the ability to work collaboratively- a skill greatly in demand. Audio-visual aids make the subject come alive and grab the attention of the students.

Concrete-to-abstract by leading the students from the concrete to the abstact, teachers give the students a hand-on experience, therefore the students ‘know’ what they learn.

Application of the theory of multiple intelligences students are exposed to a variety of experiences which engage or stimulate the different minds or intelligences in them.

Teaching with resources teachers are also encouraged to create their own resources in the form of presentations, which are also made a part of smart learning of students and the teacher is accessible to each child as teacher–student ratio is low.

Hands-on-experiences in order to stimulate and encourage ‘good work’, students are given hands-on-experiences. Critical thinking is encouraged through various thinking skill activities.


School lays stress on sound & strong academic through its concept & project based learning. The teaching and learning is based on multi-sensory & multiple intelligence approach. We have adapted a very unique approach “Learning Center Approach” for the students of Nursery & K.G.

Various learning centers like Literacy, Numeracy, Hop and Toss, Science allow children to explore and apply newly learnt skills independently.

Our students transit from one center to another where a specialized teacher imparts teaching through internationally accepted teaching methodologies. The concept learning is related to life and made fun with interesting and challenging activities.