Vice President’s Message

This is our 19th year and we are very excited about our many initiatives.

We pride ourselves in offering a unique educational experience that delivers a high degree of instruction but also emphasize the importance of establishing a strong foundation and the benefits of experiential learning. Our programme is created with the goal of shaping our students into individuals who are prepared to succeed in the rapidly changing landscape of the 22nd century.

We are well aware of the importance of being entrusted with shaping the valuable resource of young minds. As we have continued to improve and grow, we are expanding the horizons. Our students can look forward to a well-rounded and diverse educational experience.

We hope to promote greater student involvement in extra-curricular activities, resulting in more active students with multiple skill sets. We are developing a comprehensive system that will help track student progress and development and benefit us in informing instruction.

These are exciting times for everyone here and we are looking forward to sharing with you all.

Dr. Amit Bhalla
Vice President, MREI